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One Bad Day

Image of One Bad Day


Marie's had bad days before. You know, just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Well, those days are nothing compared to today. She's about to be chased, shot at, sexually harassed, and manipulated, and she doesn''t even know why! Join Marie as she gets to the bottom of her bad day.

"One Bad Day is an auspicious debut for Steve Rolston, who proves he's not just an artist, but a hell of a writer as well. And since he's mining one of my favorite genres, the Slacker Noir, I just have to say, nice work." -- Ed Brubaker, writer of Detective Comics and Criminal

Written & illustrated by Steve Rolston
120 pages (116 story pages)
Green and white interior
© 2003

Book comes autographed by writer/artist Steve Rolston

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